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A Close Look At Clinton Hill Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks use electromagnetic system to control their locking mechanism. They are installed and repaired by licensed locksmiths to maximize their performance. The following is a close look at Clinton Hill Magnetic locks that will help you understand their working mechanism fully.

Locking mechanism
The locks rely on electric power for operation. The core of their control system is made of advanced metal alloys that slide up or down and in or out when electric current passes through to unlock or lock the door. Some mag locks feature timing mechanism that make them operate at specific times of the day while other have a transaction memory that record every successful and attempted use.

Locksmith services
Locksmiths offer complete mag lock services for businesses and individuals. They install new locks and repair the existing ones to ensure they are working properly. Professional locksmiths respond to service calls within thirty minutes to resolve any arising mater in a comprehensive manner. They can address a lot of commercial security needs for various types of mag locks. The services include;

Installation and repairs: It is necessary to maintain your mag lock in excellent working conditions. Both services require a proper understanding of all the aspects of the lock from the coding mechanism, power source and supply as well as the buzzer if it is connected. Emergency services: These services are common and essential to help people who may be unfortunate to find themselves locked out of your office or home. They are ideal in case of theft or where the property is the victim. Emergency services may involve changing the existing lock or altering its coding mechanism.

Mag locks are great for business premises because they are long lasting, easily programmable and have advanced security features. However, you need to hire a professional and licensed locksmith company to install and repair these locks when necessary to enjoy their benefits. As a result it is wise to go for qualified locksmiths when undertaking any Clinton Hill Magnetic lock project because they are experienced and well-trained.